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Dr. Patrick J. Kelley

Dr. Patrick J. Kelley


Dr. Patrick J. Kelley is a Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic. He received his credentials from Life University of Chiropractic in Marietta, GA. Dr. Kelley has received advanced training and specializes in the fields of Spinal Biomechanics, and Nutritional Counseling. He is also member of the New York Chiropractic Council and Bethpage Chamber of Commerce.
Dr. Kelley considers one of the high points of his career to be mission trips to the Russian cities of Romania and Moldova in May and September 1995. Working with a team of other chiropractors, Dr. Kelley provided treatment to abandoned children suffering from AIDS. On those trips, he and his team treated over 60,000 people suffering from a wide variety of health issues including Epileptic Seizures, Parkinson’s, Crossed Eyes, Deafness and Paralysis. Each morning, hundreds of people, (many who had traveled hours to get there) would be waiting for the clinic to open. Making a real difference in the lives of these poorest people was an unforgettable experience.

Other career highlights include:
Speaking on health and wellness issues throughout the community to groups such as:

Parkinson’s Support Groups
Fibromyalgia Groups
Mommy Me Groups
Providing Education to schools on Muscle and Bone Health
Delivered seminars on Wellness to Major Corporations

Dr. Kelley is married to Lynne and they have two children, Patrick and Kirsten. He has maintained his private practice in Farmingdale since 1998.

Lynne Kelley

Lynne Kelley


Lynne holds a degree from SUNY Oswego in Biology and Medical Technician. She is also a Certified Health Specialist, a certification she received from Trinity College. Lynne is our Nutrition and Wellness expert. She has a dual role as Office Manager as well. Her enthusiasm for sharing the message of Good Nutrition and wellness is contagious! She is married to Dr. Kelley and the proud mother of Kirsten and Patrick.

Before I came to Dr. Kelley’s office I was constantly in pain! Such as back pain, headaches leg pain etc. I started to think on how and what things I should do to feel better so I joined an exercise program that help me a little bit, but there was still pain!

So I found out about Dr. Kelley and I went to his office and started to be treated for back pain. I am thrilled at the results my pain is starting to go away, and look forward to go every week for therapy and treatment. I am soooo excited to finally feel good. Thank you Dr. Kelley, Ann, Rochelle for making me feel so good!


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