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Normal Structure

Chiropractors are Doctors that look for misaligned bones in your body. Misaligned bones interfere with how your nervous system functions and often times is the cause of the problems you experience.

Chiropractors focus on bones misaligned in your neck and back. This is known as your spine or your backbone.

The standard for chiropractic care and what most Chiropractors try to do involves three things:

  • Increase range of motion
  • Decrease muscle spasm and tightness
  • Relieving pain

How is our Chiropractic different from other methods you may have experienced before?

Now its important to understand this concept, to understand what I do and how it is different. I practice a type of care called structural correction.

Dr. Patrick J. Kelley with young patient

The goal of our office is to not only provide the three things mentioned above, but to focus on correcting the structure of your spine in order to provide as permanent of a solution to your problems as possible.

Structural Correction is different than traditional chiropractic due to recent discoveries. What has been discovered is when a spinal bone misaligns in a forward direction, it gets stuck and your body cannot naturally correct it. The reason you can’t naturally correct a forward stuck spinal bone is that you don’t have muscle attached over your backbone that can pull the bone backward into place. Instead the muscles are off to the sides. To test this, simply reach behind your back and notice that there are no muscles attached over the backbone. Traditional chiropractic has failed to recognize this finding and actually teaches that the opposite is true.

Traditional chiropractic teaches that bones actually get stuck backward. As such, traditional chiropractors are taught to push forward on the spine. Simple observation of how muscles attach on the spine demonstrates that the spine has muscles attached in a way that allows the body to naturally correct bones that misaligns in all directions except forward. As such, what Structural Correction has discovered is that the only way to correct the spine and not make it worse are with procedures that only correct bones that are stuck forward. In other words, pushing forward on the spine makes you worse because it causes spinal bones to become stuck forward or it worsens ones that already are. When a spinal bone gets stuck forward, the muscle on the sides of the spine cause it to twist. If the muscles did not do this, your body would actually fall over forward. Left uncorrected, forward stuck spinal bones cause you to develop problems like loss of your ability to turn and bend, pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, muscle spasms, swelling, inflammation and eventually decay of the spine (degenerative arthritis). Worse than that, eventually your spine will get so twisted up that your body will be slumped over forward. This is why in most cases, as you age your body will hunch over.

Dr. Patrick J. Kelley with patient

Why Does It Work So Well?

Fortunately, this advanced rehabilitative approach allows your stuck forward twisted up spine to untwist, unwind, and properly heal. Literally, once completed in most cases you will stand up straighter, breathe easier, experience being free of pain, and have overall improved body function. This fact, enables our office to inform our patients that we do things differently.

Dr. Kelley has been entrusted to care for infants, adults, and seniors so they may live a happier, healthier lives.

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