All chiropractic techniques have something valuable to offer. The chiropractic profession serves as an umbrella to a large number of alternative approaches to healthcare. So its not surprising that there are so many definitions of what chiropractic is and what it is not.
According to the Council on Chiropractic Education, chiropractic care has been proven to reduce pain, increase range of motion and reduce muscular spasms. That having been said, many techniques take the next step by offering additional benefits.

At Bethpage Chiropractic, we focus on the STRUCTURAL CORRECTION OF THE SPINE. While our initial interest is the elimination of your pain, our fundamental goal is to restore your spine to as close to its normal alignment as is possible. While this isn’t always possible, its important to understand that the closer the human body is to its normal alignment, the better it will perform. We are not claiming that this technique is superior to other chiropractic procedure, its simply a different approach that is supported by an enormous amount of research.

Because of our commitment to your health, we focus our sights on the true cause of your condition, not simply the symptoms. Symptoms are important, but alleviating the symptom usually doesn’t correct the condition. Does a pain down the left arm necessarily indicate a problem with the left arm? Could it also be a heart related problem? Unfortunately, many people have become accustomed to temporary fixes and medication, which simply mask the pain. It has been well established by peer-reviewed scientific research that the loss of the normal alignment of the spine is the likely cause of many musculoskeletal and nerve related conditions.
The loss of the normal spinal curvatures creates the perfect recipe for a neck or low back condition. Additionally, the function of the spinal nerves and their pathways to every cell in the human body is likely to be compromised. Unfortunately, the human body doesn’t always give us a warning signal until the damage is done.

As doctors that focus on structural chiropractic care, we naturally take a close look at posture. Posture is like a window into the spine. In fact, its an excellent indicator as to what we’ll find when we carefully examine your radiographs. Most people are very surprised to find out that years of poor posture (sitting at a computer, slouching, hours in a car) progressively causes a shift in the spine, which in turn, may lead to debilitating conditions, such as disc-related problems and migraine headaches. Shifts in the spinal alignment are also the primary cause of neck, low back pain, and scoliosis.

There are less than 200 structural correction certified doctors of chiropractic that focus on the structural correction of the spine. As is the case in other healthcare professions, a unique focus requires additional education and certification. Because of this unique interest, many of our patients are referred to us by neurosurgeons and even other open-minded chiropractors.