Advanced Biostructural  Correction is an advanced system of spine and body analysis that consistently and predictably corrects and rehabilitates your spine and body.

Many reasons distinguish Advanced Biostructural Correction  chiropractic from other methods but here are two reasons that are key.

  1. The discovery that the “forward” vertebra misalignment is primary because that is the one direction that does not self correct.
  2.  The role of meningeal tension and how that tension is released allowing for structural correction that rehabilitates proper spinal curvatures.

Specific testing determines the precise sequence of adjusting,  but only the vertebra that require correction.

Because Advanced Biostructural Correction is consistent and predictable it may be the best chiropractic method for achieving a complete correction of your body structure from the many injuries of your past. You will experience a postural correction where your body is able to stand effortlessly against gravity. You will know this to be true from your first visit.

Chiropractors are Doctors that look for misaligned bones in your body. Misaligned bones interfere with how your nervous system functions and often times is the cause of the problems you experience. Specifically, chiropractors focus on bones misaligned in your neck and back. This is known as your spine or your back bone.

The approach our office uses to correct and rehabilitate the misalignments that cause structural problems of your spine and body is known as Advanced Biostructural Correction or ABC is a system of spine and body analysis that is based upon a combination of techniques researched to consistently and predictably correct and rehabilitate your spine and body. The ABC approach is actually different that traditional chiropractic.

ABC is different than traditional chiropractic due to recent discoveries. What has been discovered is when spinal bones misalign in a forward direction, it gets stuck and your body can not naturally correct it.

The reason you can’t naturally correct a forward stuck spinal bone is that you don’t a muscle over your back bone that can pull the bone backward into place.

Traditional chiropractic has failed to recognize this finding and actually teaches that the opposite is true. Traditional chiropractic teaches that bones actually get stuck backward. As such, traditional chiropractors are taught to push forward on the spine. Simple observation of how muscles attach on the spine demonstrates that the spine has muscles attached in a way that allows the body to naturally correct bones that misalign in all directions except forward.  As such, what ABC has discovered is that the only way to correct the spine and not make it worse are with procedures that only correct bones that are stuck forward. In other words, pushing forward on the spine makes you worse because it causes spinal bones to become stuck forward or it worsens ones that already are.

Fortunately, this advanced rehabilitative approach allows your stuck forward twisted up spine to untwist, unwind and properly heal. Literally, once completed in most cases you will stand up straighter, breath easier, experience being free of pain, and have overall improved body function. This fact, enables our office to inform our patients that we do things differently.