This information on sitting positions is so critical that MOST people getting structural correction for old injuries WILL NOT FEEL BETTER until they learn to sit correctly.

What you are about to read will sound like the cliche’ of a nagging mother saying “sit up straight”

Your mother was not totally wrong!

You do need to sit up straight. But, what she didn’t know was that in most chairs, sofas, cars, and planes  you cannot sit up straight without a bunch of effort.

In fact, sofas and recliners are made to slump in-so you slump. Car seats and other chairs just make you slump unintentionally. In either case, because you are slumped your body is under a lot of pressure in certain areas. This can cause you pain. You might feel discomfort while you are sitting, but often NOT until a few hours later.

You can often see the adverse effects of sitting slumped simply because it is harder to get out of the seat you are in. Have you ever struggled to get up off of a sofa or a recliner? This is why.

Slumping in your seat also explains why people get fatigued and achy after driving for a distance or flying in an airplane. In this slumped position the muscle in your body are working harder and using more energy. Your body also has to twist around to shift the pressure of injuries. This makes you fatigued, achy or causes pain in those areas.

Body Mechanics of Slumping When You Sit

When you sit with your hips lower than your knees your pelvis tilts backward and your body slumps. This pelvic tilt leads to your lower back arching backward and your upper back and neck compensating by arching forward. This pushes your upper back and lower neck areas forward into a direction where there are NO muscles behind them to pull them back into place.

                                             This is an injury!!!

This mechanism of slumping is responsible for a variety  of painful areas. One person might get lower back pain while another might get neck pain or headaches. Other areas can be stressed as well. Wherever your body can use muscles to compensate and shift the stress off of the parts that went forward, it will use them and can cause pain there.

The correct sitting posture is one that does not allow your body to slump. In order to do this without thinking about it YOU NEED TO HAVE YOUR HIPS SLIGHTLY  ABOVE YOUR KNEES .