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Bones can go out of alignment in a direction that the body can’t self-correct, simply because there are no muscles which can pull the bones back in the direction needed.

This statement underlies most of what goes wrong with bodies. it is the basis for structural correction; lasting correction that not only gets rid of symptoms from old injuries, but actually removes those old injuries by fixing where the bones have gone out of alignment.

Chiropractic can now get predictable and consistent results with virtually everyone.

Until now fixing bodies has been hit or miss, but no longer.Structural correction removes built up tension in your body, layer by layer, just like peeling off layers of an onion. How would you put the layers back on an onion? You can’t! Likewise, it is virtually impossible to put the old layers of tension back on your body as it is getting corrected. This means that you can’t “undo” or “throw out” your structural correction treatments.You simply need to prevent new layers from forming by properly doing the standing, sitting, and sleeping procedures.

Bones can go out of alignment from, remember that car accident, slip or fall, sport injury?

Some injuries cause the bones or bone to go out of alignment in directions that the body can fix on its own simply because there are muscles in the opposite direction which can pull them back into place. This is only a short term injury, as the body can self-correct it.

When there are no muscle in the direction needed to pull the bone or bones back into their normal position, the injury is not self-correcting, and you have a long term problem. It is still an injury, and so your body does the best that it canto minimize it. It will use muscles someplace else to twisting and shifting “compensations”. These compensations are the body’s built in safety mechanisms to protect the injured from greater harm and pain.

These compensations are where you have pain or symptoms. The bones that are stuck forward don’t have any pressure on them. It has all been shifted to the compensations.

What this means, contrary to the model that nearly all professions work from, is that where you hurt is almost never where the actual problem is. So, if doctors are usually working on the area that hurts  and not where the real problem is (bones stuck forward) then it is no wonder that they         don’t get great results on everybody.

When confronted with a lifetime of accumulated minor and major bone misalignment’s and their compensations ( the many layers of the onion), it is no wonder that this mechanism has remained a mystery.